Rasmus Faber – Where We Belong

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22 January 2009

Farplane Last month we’ve been teased by a single… Now after a years of production and polishing the brand new Rasmus Faber‘s album is here. Well, almost here. Already hit Japanese market in November 2008 (released by Victor/JVC) and scheduled on Rasmus’ own Farplane with support of UK’ Papa Records to February 2009, “Where We Belong” is a 16 tracks (in Japanese version) journey from this young but mature musician. Personally I would expect a tougher production, based on Rasmus remixes and mix sets, but surprisingly the album is so melodic and romantic! Vocals of Emily McEwan, Linda Sundblad, Clara Mendes, Dyanna Fearon (notice, female only) light up these collection of quality music with loads of orchestral, strings, and of course RaFa’s mastership, keys!

Look forward for more singles with DJ friendly originals and remixes.

Rasmus Faber – Where We Belong [Farplane / Victor Japan]:

Rasmus Faber - Where We Belong

  1. Are You Ready (feat. Emily McEwan)
  2. [audio:http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF331539-01-01-01.mp3|titles=Are You Ready|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  3. Give It To Me (feat. Dyanna Fearon)
  4. [audio:http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF331539-01-01-02.mp3|titles=Give It To Me|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  5. Alright (interlude)
  6. [audio:http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF331539-01-01-03.mp3|titles=Alright (interlude)|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  7. Everything Is Alright (feat. Linda Sundblad)
  8. [audio:http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF331539-01-01-04.mp3|titles=Everything Is Alright|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  9. Na Minha Terra (feat. Clara Mendes)
  10. [audio:http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF331539-01-01-05.mp3|titles=Na Minha Terra|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  11. Any Way (feat. Emily McEwan)
  12. [audio:http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF331539-01-01-06.mp3|titles=Any Way|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  13. Everythime We (feat. Dyanna Fearon)
  14. [audio:http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF331539-01-01-07.mp3|titles=Everythime We|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  15. Always (feat. Linda Sundblad)
  16. [audio:http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF331539-01-01-08.mp3|titles=Always|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  17. I Don’t Mind (feat. Parasto)
  18. [audio:http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF331539-01-01-09.mp3|titles=I Don’t Mind|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  19. Never Figure Out (feat. Emily McEwan)
  20. [audio:http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF331539-01-01-10.mp3|titles=Never Figure Out|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  21. No More Falling (feat. Dyanna Fearon)
  22. [audio:http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF331539-01-01-11.mp3|titles=No More Falling|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  23. Cidade Oposta (feat. Clara Mendes)
  24. [audio:http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF331539-01-01-12.mp3|titles=Cidade Oposta|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  25. Traveller Toccata
  26. [audio:http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF331539-01-01-13.mp3|titles=Traveller Toccata|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  27. Yes (feat. Dyanna Fearon)
  28. [audio:http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF331539-01-01-14.mp3|titles=Yes|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  29. Where We Belong
  30. [audio:http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF331539-01-01-15.mp3|titles=Where We Belong|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  31. Giant Leap (bonus track)
  32. [audio:http://mp3.juno.co.uk/MP3/SF331539-01-01-16.mp3|titles=Giant Leap|artists=Rasmus Faber]

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