Oriental Funk Stew – The Housekeeper Remixed

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5 February 2009

Amenti Music A pioneer and living legend of electronic scene in Korea and now worldly recognized artist Oriental Funk Stew started in early 1990s while studying in New York. Being known as DJ Decode at that times, his passion for house music led him to the first EP released by Odds And Ends in 2004, when he changed the name. Soon another two EPs were signed to San Francisco based Amenti Music owned by Olivier Desmet who recognized OFS’s producing talents. They formed a producing duo and had numerous EPs released together.

Although those US works sound minimal and even jackin’ some times, OFS produced the music in his homeland and teamed up with soul vocalist Honey-J put out his first mainstream album “The House Keeper” in Korea in April 2008. Asian house flavour brings back the memory of such artists as Daishi Dance, DJ Kawasaki, Kentaro Takizawa etc. So sorry we couldn’t buy this album in Europe!..

Oriental Funk Stew

In a meantime by the end of 2008 OFS put together a new mini album called “Clear Message” that features a couple of new tracks along with a bunch of remixes from his first album. A part of these remixed saw light as The Housekeeper Remixed EP released by Amenti Musis on January 27th. You might be surprised, but on the remix duties there are the most respected producers from West Coast gang – Fred Everything, Chuck Love, JT Donaldson, and Olivier Desmet himself! The EP is definitely worth a check-out.

Oriental Funk Stew – The Housekeeper Remixed [Amenti Music]:

Oriental Funk Stew - The Housekeeper Remixed [Amenti Music]

  1. Sweet Melody (Fred Everything & Olivier Desmet Remix)
  2. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/amenti036-3p.mp3|titles=Sweet Melody (Fred Everything & Olivier Desmet Remix)|artists=Oriental Funk Stew]
  3. Sweet Melody (JT Donaldson Remix)
  4. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/amenti036-4p.mp3|titles=Sweet Melody (JT Donaldson Remix)|artists=Oriental Funk Stew]
  5. Sky High (Chuck Love Dub)
  6. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/amenti036-5p.mp3|titles=Sky High (Chuck Love Dub)|artists=Oriental Funk Stew]
  7. Sky High (Chuck Love Vocal Mix)
  8. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/amenti036-9p.mp3|titles=Sky High (Chuck Love Vocal Mix)|artists=Oriental Funk Stew]

More materials on the artist. Here’s a playlist of the debute album “The House Keeper”.

Check also this video cut for “Sweet Melody“.

This one is from the new album, the track’s called “Deep Inside Of Love“.

Finally, a shot from some live PA.

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