Summer Fondue Sessions #197

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20 April 2014

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  1. Will Jax – Situation (Original Mix) [Beatdown]
  2. Miguel Migs, DJ Rasoul – When You Hold Me [Transport]
  3. Gene Farris – Ashaka (Miguel Migs Mix) [Vista]
  4. Passionardor – Everlasting Love (JC’s Distant Music Mix) [Soulfuric Deep]
  5. Black Powder ft. Adeola Shyllon – One Chance (Matthew Bandys Limestone Dub) [Tone Control]
  6. Souldynamic ft. Nicole Tyler – Gonna Fly (Alternative Mix) [Duffnote]
  7. DJ Jorj ft. Carmen Hendricks – Till I See The Sun (Club Mix) [Curious]
  8. Simon Grey ft. Kylie Auldist – One (Simon Grey 2007 Version) [Double Shock]
  9. Mojo Project – Could You (David Penn Mix) [Lovemonk]
  10. Jask ft. Jocie – Beautiful (Jocie in My Room Mix) [Soulfuric]
  11. Soulplate, Ben James – Back it Up (Midnight Mix) [Soulplate Records]
  12. Keith Thompson – Borders Don’t Matter (Ralf Gum’s Classic Vocal Mix) [Waking Monster]
  13. Mankz ft. Tine B. – Keep On Giving (Original Mix) [Purple Music]
  14. Kenny Thomas – Baby It’s You (Dave Doyle Extended Remix) [Soul Fi]
  15. Joshua Evangelista, Jacy Sim – Everything You Dreamed (Original Mix) [Solar Sounds]
  16. Spanky Wonderland ft. Claire – How Many Times (Audiowhores Mix) [MAP Dance]
  17. Justin Michael & Darwin Paul – Sax Capade [Look At You]
  18. Jon Cutler & Jocelyn Brown – One (Morten Trust Dub) [MN2S]
  19. Miguel Migs ft. Li’sha – Do It For You (Jay-J’s Shifted Remix) [Salted Music]
  20. Olav Basoski – Streets of Moscow (Brian Tappert Miami Edit) [Fluential]

Summer Fondue Sessions #196

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6 April 2014

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  1. Vick Lavender ft. David Glenn – Another Girl (Dramatic Reprise Mix) [Sophisticado]
  2. Roy Davis Jr. feat. Terry Dexter – Horizon (Original Mix) [Smooth Agent]
  3. CDock – Consuela (CDock Style) [Jazzu]
  4. Paris Cesvette & DJ Caliber ft. Nica Brooke – Give Me A Sign (DJ Caliber Remix) [Soul Heaven]
  5. Anthony Nicholson pres. William Kurk – Innocent Girl (Vox Mix) [Circular Motion]
  6. Jill Scott – He Loves Me (Jay-J’s Spread The Powder Mix) [CD-R]
  7. Mood II Swing – Can’t Get Away (Blaze Shrine Remix) [Defected]
  8. Uncle Milty/Joshua(IZ) – The Ode to Lillian (Remixes) (Uncle Milty Inst) [Whitebeard Records]
  9. Jellybean ft. Carla Prather – Secrets & Lies (Guy Robin Remix) [Jellybean Soul]
  10. Dennis Ferrer ft. Selan – I Can’t Imagine [King Street Sounds]
  11. Peyton – I’ll Rise (Eric’s Beach Mix) [Hed Kandi]
  12. Art & Pleasure ft. Jessy Howe – You (Edit Mix) [Pino Music]
  13. Barbara Tucker & Don Oliver – Better (Ray Paxon & Grooveprofessor Mix) [Milk and Sugar]
  14. Sound Famiglia – Need Me Want Me (Original Mix) [Panevino Music]
  15. Nick Fiorucci ft. Carl Henry – You Belong To Me (Richard Earnshaw Exquisite House Mix) [Hi-Bias]
  16. Joe Calabro & Pepper MaShay – I Want You (Joe’s Classic Mix) [Milk & Sugar]
  17. Random Soul – Music Inside (Random Soul Classic Mix) [Random Soul Recordings]
  18. Hennings Project ft. Nickson – Do You Believe It (Ricky Inch Nusoul Mix) [Seamless Soul]
  19. Souldynamic ft. Angela Johnson – Love (Terry Hunter Bang Main Mix) [Tony Records]
  20. Pavel Svetlove & Max Dyuryagin ft. Anna Korona – Don’t Forget (Classic Original Mix) [SoulDeep Inc. Records]
  21. Frej Le Vin ft. Ashibah – The More I See You (Marco Twellmann Dub) [Pole Position Recordings]
  22. Tim Rella – Im Feelin You (Original Mix) [Caboose Records]

Summer Fondue Sessions #195

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23 March 2014

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  1. Chymamusique – Jazz According to House (Remix By Cannon-Soul) [Chymamusiq Records]
  2. Abicah Soul ft. Da Monkey Nutz – The Melodic Tree (Soul Ritual Remix) [Abicah Soul]
  3. Distant People ft. Carla Prather – Have No Fear (Ezel Instrumental) [Solid Ground Recordings]
  4. Abicah Soul – Chuckie’s Turn (Main Mix) [Jellybean Soul]
  5. EthniqueFusion – Park La Musica (Original Mix) [Deep Night Entertainment]
  6. Justin Imperiale ft. Jerome from Paris – Piano Daze (Chicagos Jazz E Mix) [Cabana]
  7. Franco De Mulero, The Soul Creative, Roquer Sax – Cala Jondal (Original Ibitaly Mix) [Kings Of Groove]
  8. Paolo Buono & Mary Aruta – Mi Vida (Paolo Buono Summer Instrumental) [Dolls Combers Records]
  9. Sol Papa – Promenade Des Anglais (Danny Perez Remix) [Native Music Recordings]
  10. Paul Parsons & Tim Nice & Elliot Chapman – Come On (Allovers Vocal Retouch) [Tall House Digital]
  11. Bryan Washington, Gordy Love – My Love (Rishi Bass Classic Rework) [Sound of Music Records]
  12. Afterlife – Never Before (Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto Mix) [CD-R]
  13. King Club – You Were Singing (Ralf GUM & Christian P Alternative Vocal) [GoGo Music]
  14. George Mena & Franke Estevez – Bop 2 This (Original Mix) [deepa grooves]
  15. Rhythmic Groove & Rude Vinyl – Goldmine (Main Mix) [Soul Mjuzieek Digital]
  16. Steve Dare – Piano Slide (Original) [Juiced Music]
  17. South Of Roosevelt – Tomarrow (Original Mix) [Farris Wheel Recordings]
  18. Yakka – No Good (Original Mix) [Beatality Records]
  19. Mr Shandaar – Lose Control (Original Mix) [Juiced Music]
  20. Chuck Love & Spur – Turn On (Chuck Love’s Topcoast Mix) [Celebrity]
  21. DJ MFR & Vincent Kwok pres. New Mondo – You Can Get It [Transport]