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DJ Soulmate VideoLive @ Vision

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17 October 2010

Live Video DJ set @ Last Friday on October 15th I played a two hours classic soulful house set (mostly with good old tunes) in Moscow Vision Bar taking part in a video live series hosted by one of our local Russian club scene web sites There was a chat room during the set where we had a sweet conversations as well. That set is recorded and, if you’re okay with huuuuge traffic (it’s 666Mb of size) and if you want to see a superfluously serious me pushing some buttons and to enjoy the evening Moscow behind the window (features some jams), you can view it online here, or download following the link below:

» Download DJ Soulmate’s video live from Vision Bar

(Flash video, 02:27 hh:mm, 666Mb, downloaded: 1077)

Podcast: DJ Soulmate – Rotation

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18 September 2010

Summer Fondue Podcast In between the radioshow episodes, I’m happy to bring you a bonus mixtape recorded recently as part of “From Moscow to Monte Carlo” compilation on one of the local web sites. The mix is actually a blend of silky flavored and some spicy jazzy vibes, hopefully ideal for the autumn pleasure. Enjoy the tunes. There’re more bonus mixes on your way. Don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feedpodcast to get it all along with Summer Fondue Sessions. read more »

Soul Horizon Guestmix

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24 August 2010

Summer Fondue Podcast Recently I’ve recorded a 30 mins guest mix for Montana & Stewart’s Soul Horizon radioshow by highly acclaimed british production duo Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart (we had them in Summer Fondue too). My mix aired in September 2010 edition but unfortunately there was no time to fit the complete mix (interviews are always unpredictable, yes). So I’m gladly sharing that mix with you. It’s always nice to have some extra audio material in the podcast. read more »