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Miami 2008 madness, part 2

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19 March 2008

New tracks invasion is under way. More Miami samplers is being revealed every single day. Here’s some more interesting releases from Tempogroove (UK), Purple (Switzerland) and Transport (USA). Please be warned that some samplers are time limited and will disappear near the end of March (so the links in this post will be broken), we’ll have to wait for full promos/releases. read more »

Miami 2008 madness

Categories: Industry news
17 March 2008

Miami Winter Music Conference is just right around the corner. Held every March since mid-1980s this DJs, labels, promoters and clubbers mecca features International Dance Music Awards ceremony, exhibition, workshops, seminars, hang-outs and of course non-stop parties that every house lover must attend. read more »

2mybeatTV launched

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9 February 2008

Maestro Kevin Hedge, one half on Blaze duo, co-founder of the legendary NYC venue Shelter and President of West End Records in 2001-2006, has founded Blaze Imprints label last year and launched This web site is Blaze Imprints/Cielo/Roots-oriented soulful music, events, videos, and culture. read more »