Marcelo Cruz & Joe Rizla

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21 February 2008

I’m sorry to be a little out of date and not keeping regular postings. Been busy with loads of parties last time, and we had Dennis Ferrer live at Propaganda club last weekend, – that was freaky awesome! I even did some shootings, so expect video to be uploaded to YouTube in the nearest future. Okay, back to the music now.

Straight from Canada comes deep afrolatin soulful house. “Deep Key Soul Project” by Marcelo Cruz & Joe Rizla was released at Marcelo’s own Deepnsound label on February 23th.
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Dennis Ferrer live @ Moscow (video)

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17 February 2008

On February 16th, Dennis Ferrer played in Propaganda Club in Moscow. That was truly amazing night. The packed dancefloor, smashing deep house full of loops, acapellas, old club anthems and of course lots of energy and fun. I’ve managed to shoot this small video coverage that I wanna share now.

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Summer Fondue Sessions #36

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15 February 2008

The fresh issue of Summer Fondue Sessions is here. No guest mixes for today. Laid back deep & soulful tunes as usual in the first hour, in the second – live mixtape recorded at our recent Soul Color night in Myata Club (Moscow).
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