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Joi – How Beautiful EP

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23 December 2008

Joi Joi is a producer, singer, composer and arranger from Japan. Being multitalented instrumentalist and owner of beautiful sensual falsetto voice, he was noticed by Joe Claussell in 2000 after releasing debute “Love Is Spiritual” on Japan’s Common Ground. Soon remixed by Claussell, the track Cravin’ was released as a single on the same Common Ground. In 2004, a new Rapture EP was released on West End Records read more »

Kentaro Takizawa – Can’t Stop/The Youth Theme

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16 November 2008

Flower Records More Japanese invasion with good house. Flower Records was established in 1995 by brothers Eitetsu and Kitetsu Takamiya, and is centered around dance music from domestic Japanese artists. One of them, Japan’s young upcoming producer Kentaro Takizawa has its second album, “Heart to Heart”, released in 2007. Taken from it, two great tracks is now available on vinyl and in digital. read more »

DJ Kawasaki – Most Wanted

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10 November 2008

Extra Freedom One of the Japanese soulful house masters DJ Kawasaki just delivered his new compilation “Most Wanted“. Featuring a number of remixes for such names as Ananda Project, Towa Tei and Shuya Okino (Kyotto Jazz Massive) as well as four his own tracks, this CD sounds driving, uplifting, piano and strings spiced, Kawasaki’s trademark jap. house. Released on November 10th by Extra Freedom Japan, the album exists in Japanese and International versions. read more »