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Dolls Combers – Floating Vibes EP

Categories: Releases
11 November 2008

Reelgroove Vincent Lacerenza and Manuele Tigani together known as Dolls Combers are based in Milan (Italy). Both are engaged in DJing since 1980s, both are into music production for some years, they met in 2004 sharing their love of house music, and debuted with “Globalizing” album in 2006 on Little Angel (and planning to bring the second one in 2009!). Personally I admire almost all their recent works. Released on October 9th on UK’s Reelgroove, their “Floating Vibes EP” is not an exception. read more »

Claude Bain – Seasons

Categories: Releases
25 August 2008

Seasons” is another blooming release of UK’s Camio Recordings from label’s head Jonny Montana who teamed up with talented Toronto soul singer Claude Bain. The package was out on August 21st and besides original smooth mid-tempo soul fusion, includes remixes from read more »

Ciappy DJ & Davide Murri – Winds of Victoria

Categories: Releases
20 August 2008

Small Italian indie Gotta Keep Faith Records, being a home of Spiritual Blessings, Dom Navarra, Steve Paradise, Monsieur Cedric, Alex Dimitri, BSC, Dolls Combers, Rhody & Kaydee and many other Italian (not only) artists, continues to make us happy with more and more wonderful releases. read more »