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2 March 2008

At the end of January 2008 New Jersey’s artist/DJ/producer Justin Imperiale has finally released the debut album “Stereophonic” on his own Cabana Recordings. Ten included tracks bring true deep house music with Jazz, Soul, Afro and Latin influences.

Justin Imperiale Justin began his career as a drummer, soon discovered himself as a DJ, and started creating his studio in 2003. In 2005 Cabana Recordings was born revealing to the world with Cabana WMC Sampler for 2005’s Miami Conference. The first release, “Deeper Than”, in 2006 followed by the second one, “Piano Daze” in 2007 captured industry’s attention to Cabana Rec. and were supported with remixes by Abicah Soul and Dom Navarra combining latin/jazz and soul-infused aspects of house. Imperiale’s tracks were also licensed for a couple of house compilations for well known labels – ClubStar (Germany) and suSU (UK).

Cabana Recordings The album wouldn’t be that great without talented musicians in Imperiale’s team, they are Marcos on sax, Esteban on percussion, Ian Fisher on guitar, Joni Love on flute, Jerome From Paris on piano and Dennis “The Dragon” Guevara on Rhodes.
Me personally was in love with Justin’s sound since his first releases, so the album is worth buying for me. And I’ll definitely put it on CD in full to play in my sets.

Justin Imperiale – Stereophonic [Cabana]:

Justin Imperiale - Stereophonic

  1. Deeper Than
  2. Jazz-A-Nova
  3. From Above
  4. Music Sound Desire
  5. Piano Daze
  6. Cabana Theme
  7. Island Fever
  8. Supernatural
  9. Lavender
  10. Jazz Souldiers

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