Lisa Shaw – All Night High

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23 March 2008

Naked Music diva Lisa Shaw is mature enough to bring the next full length album that is due in September this year on Miguel Mig’s Salted Music. But singles is already on the way, and one of them was released on March 21st. “All Night High” is a sexy late night gem flavored by Lisa’s vocal loveliness. The variety of mixes brings variety of feelings: from original techy Mig’s versions, through his San Francisco homies Justin Michael and Solo’s uplifting rework, to Dave Warrin with classic Naked Music flavor.

Lisa Shaw – All Night High [Salted Music]:

Lisa Shaw - All Night High [Salted Music]

  1. Miguel Migs Salted Vocal
  2. Miguel Migs Salted Dub Deluxe
  3. Justin Michael & Solo’s Hermosa Mix
  4. Dave Warrin Original Vocal
  5. Dave Warrin Late Night Dub

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