Sound Famiglia – Need Me Want Me

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29 April 2008

Sound Famiglia are cousins Michael Barbara and Paul Hatzaras from Australia. Michael, a multi instrumentalist who has played in a variety of his own and cover bands, and Paul, who has been DJing in the Sydney bar and club scene for over 8 years formed the production duo in 2005.

Sound Famiglia Their debut single “Need Me Want Me” features the vocal of talented Juanita Tippins and in its original version is great classic vocal soulful house. The track was signed to Switzerland’s Panevino Music. Panevino’s own Sandro Endrighetti and Renato Abate did a couple of remixes delivering a more deep and underground touch, like they used to. The package got already huge plays during the WMC ’08 and was finally out on April 25th.

By the way, Panevino is also ready to drop their next release in May, “Contigo O Sin Ti” featuring O-Jam, with remixes from Alix Alvarez from SOLE Channel.

Sound Famiglia – Need Me Want Me [Panevino Music]:

Sound Famiglia - Need Me Want Me [Panevino Music]

  1. Panevino Remix
  2. Original Mix
  3. Panevinos Indeependent Dub

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