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14 May 2008

Guys from Fanatix, which are Aaron Ross and Neil Pierce from UK, just delivered their debut full length album entitled “This Thing Of Ours“, released on May 5th on BBE Records. The album features 16 tracks, many of those were made with collaboration with such great vocalists as Alex Mills, Sara Divine, Sterling Ensemble, Shaun Escoffery, Tonya Renee and Lady Alma; and a number of talented musicians such as Gene Perez (bass) and Mike Patto (keyboards, member of Reel People and Restless Soul).

Fanatix – This Thing Of Ours [BBE]:

Fanatix - This Thing Of Ours [BBE]

  1. Love Connection (ft. Alex Mills)
  2. Call On Me (ft. Sara Divine & Sterling Ensemble)
  3. Casa Cubana (ft. Sterling Ensemble)
  4. Ray Of Light (ft. Kadija Kamara & Sterling Ensemble)
  5. This Thing Of Ours (Interlude)
  6. Open Your Eyes (ft. Dionne Mitchell & Sterling Ensemble)
  7. Morroccan Black
  8. Can’t Let Go (ft. Shaun Escoffrey)
  9. Re-Hooked (Interlude)
  10. Get A Grip
  11. In Your Arms
  12. There It Is
  13. Slow It Down (ft. Tonya Renee)
  14. Underground (Interlude)
  15. Toby’s Anthem
  16. Higher (ft. Lady Alma)

And for those who prefer less vocals, BBE has also got something. “This Thing of Ours (Dubs & Instrumentals)” were available on April and contains 12 tracks with great instrumentals and some dubs of originals album versions.

Fanatix – This Thing Of Ours (Dubs & Instrumentals) [BBE]:

Fanatix - This Thing Of Ours (Dubs & Instrumentals) [BBE]

  1. Love Connection (Dub Mix)
  2. Call On Me (Instrumental)
  3. Casa Cubana (Tribal Remix)
  4. Casa Cubana (Underground Remix)
  5. Ray Of Light (Instrumental)
  6. Open Your Eyes (Instrumental)
  7. In Your Arms (Instrumental)
  8. Can’t Let Go (Instrumental)
  9. Slow It Down (Instrumental)
  10. Slow It Down (Dub mix)
  11. Tody’s Anthem (Instrumental)
  12. Higher (Instrumental)

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