B.O.P. & Friends – The Definitive Collection

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13 June 2008

New Jersey’s Bryan Shank Thompson and Paul Scott aka Brothers Of Peace or just simply B.O.P put together a compilation of their best remixes and got it released on Jellybean Soul recently. Having met in the early 90’s, both were DJing and loving music. “Brothers Of Peace: The Definitive Collection” contains 10 tracks from true house legends such as Darryl D’Bonneau, Kenny Bobien, Pulse, Dawn Tallman and more. Soulful with some classic house feelings, US styla…

B.O.P. & Friends – The Definitive Collection [Jellybean Soul]:

B.O.P. & Friends - The Definitive Collection [Jellybean Soul]

  1. Kenny Bobien – You Are My Friend (B.O.P. Soul Classic Mix)
  2. Eddie Stockley – Fly Away (B.O.P. & Quentin Harris Soul Delicious Mix)
  3. Darryl D’Bonneau – I Found Love (B.O.P. Soulful House Mix)
  4. Dawn Tallman – Lift Up Your Hands (B.O.P. 2 Da Trax Mix)
  5. Fast Forward feat. Beverly – Never Felt This Way (B.O.P. Til You Drop Mix)
  6. Shades of Rapsody – Keep On Dancin’ (B.O.P. If U Like It Hard Mix)
  7. Inner Soul – Report To The Floor (B.O.P. Til You Drop Mix)
  8. Kenny Bobien – He’s a Friend (B.O.P. Soul Delicious Mix)
  9. Pulse – Yum Yum (B.O.P. Til U Drop Mix)
  10. Darryl D’Bonneau – Revenge (B.O.P. Til You Drop Mix)

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