Ceramic feat. Aisling Stephenson – Broken Dreams

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10 June 2008

Broken Dreams” was originally released in April by small UK freestylah label Unique Uncut. It’s produced by Ceramic aka DJ Magic and features Aisling Stephenson on vocals. Ceramic actually started as a jungle and d’n’b head, got loads of production, radioshows, and now settled in broken beats. Unique Uncut’s release featured Original broken beat mixes and deep soulful percussive house rework by fresh talents – Ben Tidy and Cookie aka Souled.

By the end of May 2008, some new remixes appeared, and the single was signed to NYSoul. UK based, established in 2001, debuted in 2003, NYSoul was named on respect to the spiritual home of US house scene. Included mixes sound awesome: Tea Party Music head Ian Friday delivered his perfect style, also in the package: mix from Nef Nunez, Aphrodisiax Vox Dub and Jazz Theory Vocal Mix, and that Souled mix from the original release (which is the best one for my ears I’d say).

Ceramic feat. Aisling Stephenson – Broken Dreams [NYSoul]:

Ceramic feat. Aisling Stephenson - Broken Dreams [NYSoul]

  1. Broken Dreams (Ian Friday Tea Party Vocal Mix)
  2. Broken Dreams (Ian Friday Tea Party Inst Mix)
  3. Broken Dreams (Souled Mix)
  4. Broken Dreams (Aphrodisiax Vox Dub Mix)
  5. Broken Dreams (Jazz Theory Vocal Mix)
  6. Broken Dreams (Nef Nunez NYC Mix)

Bonus: a video cut filled with stills with Ian Friday Vocal Mix as a soundtrack.

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