Manchildblack – Live 4 Love

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24 June 2008

NY based Manchildblack signs with NY’s Deep Haven Music to release “Live 4 Love” with deep and soulful sound and warm vocals of “Raw Soul” brother. Remixers on the release include label’s head DJ Man-X (recognize the rhythm of Soul Central’s “In-ten-city” here?), Chris Perez from Blvd East with great synth solos and William “ReelSoul” Rodriguez from SOLE Channel. True New York style. Love Chris’ and Will’ versions.

Manchildblack – Live 4 Love [Deep Haven]:

Manchildblack - Live 4 Love [Deep Haven]

  1. Live 4 Love (DJ Man-X Mix)
  2. Live 4 Love (Chris Perez Mix)
  3. Live 4 Love (Reelsoul Mix)
  4. Live 4 Love (Reelsoul Instrumental Mix)

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  1. […] from Minnesota with over 20 years of music industry experience, Thomas Spiegel aka DJ Man-X, this label is a home for such talented artists as Blvd East, Reelsoul, Scott Wozniak and vocalists as […]

  2. […] As Miami Winter Music Conference is approaching, the industry goes hyping, and we get loads of new music, samplers and promos. As usual though. I’ll try to skim all those new ons in search of interesting stuff. Here we go. Currently at #4 on Traxsource Top 100, King Street Miami 2009 sampler (by the way, King Street also has Beatport sampler with different set of tracks those are absolutely out of my taste) revealed a couple of appealing tracks. Here we have Muthafunkaz‘ remix for Heather Johnson with not-that-gaudy sounding, beautiful latin-flavored “Foi Voce” from more Japanese coming to KS, Trans of Life, and wonderful “Magic” from FCKS with vocals of Manchildblack. […]

  3. […] As seen on King Street Miami 2009 Sampler, “Magic” is now (on May 11th) out on King Street. Written by NYC-based Japanese production team Naotake Gunji and Go Kiryu aka FCKS, this beautiful and gentle track features the vocals of Manchild Black. […]