Anane – Bem Ma Mi

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26 July 2008

Chosen by Billboard Magazine as one of the “2008 Faces to Watch”, Anane was born in Cape Verde, on the Western coast of Africa and soaked up the culture of African, Portuguese, Mediterranean, and Latin American customs and traditions. Anane’s vocal talents were raised from family’s traditions of gathering and playing music and singing together. Moved to Ney York with music in the head, she met Louie Vega who was so impressed to include her into Elements Of Life collective. One of the greatest achievements was performing “One Dream”, the opening song for the Super Bowl XLII pre-game show (watched by a worldwide audience of over 140 million people by the way), produced by Louie Vega and co-written by Blaze.

Debute Anane’s album “Ananesworld” comes on Tommy Boy Records very soon, and on July 18th the first single was revealed on Louie Vega’s Vega Records – “Bem Ma Mi“. As we might expect, Elements of Life band has participated in the project: we got Luisito Quintero on drums, Gene Perez on the bass, and of course Louie Vega himself on the production. Influenced by Anane’s homeland, the track blends lush tropical beats with varied instrumentation along with honeyed vocals.

Anane – Bem Ma Mi [Vega Records]:

Anane - Bem Ma Mi [Vega Records]

  1. Bem Ma Mi (Main Mix)
  2. Bem Ma Mi (Main Instrumental)
  3. Bem Ma Mi (Long Version Mix)
  4. Bem Ma Mi (Long Version Instrumental)
  5. Bem Ma Mi (Dub)

Today’s bonus video: some Anane’s interview with live PAs cuts:

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