Hanna Hais – I Love America

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19 July 2008

French house diva Hanna Hais hooked up with brazilian main man DJ Meme and dropped a great 1970’s cover version of “I Love America“. This single was recorded in Rio, with 14 piece orchestra including 8 strings and 5 horns sections. We know Meme is good at live strings that are being his trademark and highlights his every work. This one is no exception: unconditionally optimistic, with freaky afro in the middle (also check same original part in the video below), it makes you dance right away.

Hanna debuted in 2002 with “Il Parlait Pas Francais” produced by Larry Heard. Her first album “Rosanova” was released in 2005, featured tracks from Larry Heard, Ralf Gum, Matthias Heilbronn, Sergio Flores, and with huge success in Europe was stormed Asian and US markets. Among her best works are “Jazz Samba” by Danny Marquez with Ian Carey Remix, and “Ta Reine” remixed by Jamie Lewis. “I Love America” package consists of 4 tracks (besides Original, we’ve got Instrumental, Reprise and Radio versions) and was released on July 3rd on french label Atal. Atal Music debuted in 2004 and since then delivered a dozen of quality house packages, lots from Hanna Hais herself.

Hanna Hais – I Love America [Atal]:

Hanna Hais - I Love America [Atal]

  1. I Love America (DJ Meme Main Club Mix)
  2. I Love America (DJ Meme Instrumental Mix)
  3. I Love America (DJ Meme Strings Reprise)

Today’s video bonus – “I Love America” in original, by Patrick Juvet, 1978 (!). Enjoy. :)

Update: a video from recording session:

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