Morrisson – After My Love

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1 August 2008

Eight Fifteen San Francisco’s deep house camp strikes back with “After My Love” from Morrisson. This California’s vocalist was entered the world of US house with help of veteran DJ and producer Julius Papp in 2003, and since then collaborated and wrote a remarkable tracks, including his own tracks: 2006’s “You Can’t Go Wrong” and 2007’s “So Cool”.

New one is released by Eight Fifteen on July 31st. The single is packed with remixes from California all-stars: Vincent Kwok, Julius Papp, New Mondo and Haldo, with all flavors and aspects you would expect from these top producers.

Nice one Morrisson. One good single in a year is way better than… you know.

Vincent Kwok pres. Morrisson – After My Love [Eight Fifteen]:

Vincent Kwok pres. Morrisson - After My Love [Eight Fifteen]

  1. After My Love (Vincent Kwok’s Pumped Up Mix)
  2. After My Love (Julius Papp’s Remix)
  3. After My Love (New Mondo Mix)
  4. After My Love (Julius Papp’s Dub)
  5. After My Love (Haldo’s Definitive Mix)
  6. After My Love (Morrisson’s Deep Soul Mix)
  7. After My Love (Vincent Kwok’s Dub)

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