Kim English – Higher Things

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19 September 2008

Nervous Records Digital revolution pushes labels to make new profits. That’s why we now have a trend of re-releasing good oldies. NY based Nervous Records continues to reveal it’s old school classics. Originally made an appear in “Higher Things” album of 1998, Chicago born diva Kim English‘s track of the same name was released with a package of Jazz-n-Groove remixes in 2000, and from September 10th is also available in digital format.

Jazz-n-Groove, the duo of heads behind Soulfuric, Brian Tappert and Marc Pomeroy, delivers their trademark grooving beats and vibe to the dancefloor. The original version produced by Maurice Joshua is also included.

Kim English – Higher Things [Nervous]:

Kim English - Higher Things [Nervous]

  1. Higher Things (Jazz-N-Groove Prime Time Club Mix)
  2. Higher Things (Maurice Joshua Original Mix)
  3. Higher Things (Jazz-N-Groove Prime Time Dub)
  4. Higher Things (Jazz-n-Groove Broken Down Mix)

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