Kenny Carvajal – The Chase

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27 November 2008

Habitat Records Kenny Carvajal is a producer from Chicago and label founder of his own Habitat Records. In childhood, he was taught to play bass, guitar, drums and percussion by his brother, rock and new wave musician. Kenny started DJing a dozen years ago drawing inspiration from loft and rave parties, soon followed by purchase of drum machines and synths. Now he plays keys, and has number of great pieces on notable record labels such as Phuture Sole, Crash, Camio, Iwanai Music, Smooth Agent (check his tracks in 16th, 28th and 45th Fondues). On Habitat, we’ve seen a couple of nice releases that are Abicah Soul’ “Baila Mi Gente” and Kenny’s own “Life Is” in 2006. Here comes number 3, “The Chase“. This instrumental features wicked guitar by Chuck Rolfe and comes in house and broken versions.

Kenny Carvajal – The Chase [Habitat]:

Kenny Carvajal - The Chase [Habitat]

  1. The Chase (Main Mix)
  2. [audio:|titles=The Chase (Main Mix)|artists=Kenny Carvajal]
  3. The Chase (Broken Mix)
  4. [audio:|titles=The Chase (Broken Mix)|artists=Kenny Carvajal]

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