Musical Solution – Super Hero

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3 November 2008

Beat Monkey Musical Solution is the stage name of Paul Wiltshire from UK, first was noticed at Barcoda WMC Sampler 2008 with great soulful cut “The Solution” featuring Diana Waite (where’s the release I wonder?). Later on, a collaboration with Pete Simpson made its appearance at Reelgroove with “Sing It”. Not mentioning a few remixes, here comes the new one, “Super Hero” – a classic soulful sounding with stunning Pete’s vocals that we’re all sure is the one to admire. Guys from H&H Soulsurvivors hooked up this release, completing it with their remix. Out on October 31st. Original is beautiful! Gonna play it in the next radioshow.

Musical Solution feat. Pete Simpson – Super Hero [Beat Monkey]:

Musical Solution feat. Pete Simpson - Super Hero [Beat Monkey]

  1. Super Hero (Main Mix)
  2. [audio:|titles=Super Hero (Main Mix)|artists=Musical Solution ft. Pete Simpson]
  3. Super Hero (H&H Soulsurvivors Mix)
  4. [audio:|titles=Super Hero (H&H Soulsurvivors Mix)|artists=Musical Solution ft. Pete Simpson]

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