Mena Keys – A New Day Rising

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8 February 2009

Jellybean Soul Cuban born and New Jersey based multi instrumentalist George Mena has finally put together a collection of his tracks and have it released as promised at Jellybean Soul on January 27th under Mena Keys guise. The album called “A New Day Rising” includes 12 tracks with virtuosic arrangements and loads of live instruments. Must check that out.

Mena Keys – A New Day Rising [Jellybean Soul]:

Mena Keys - A New Day Rising [Jellybean Soul]

  1. Dizzys Delight
  2. [audio:|titles=Dizzys Delight|artists=Mena Keys]
  3. Playa San Juan
  4. [audio:|titles=Playa San Juan|artists=Mena Keys]
  5. Bone Delicious
  6. [audio:|titles=Bone Delicious|artists=Mena Keys]
  7. Can U Blow
  8. [audio:|titles=Can U Blow|artists=Mena Keys]
  9. Forever And A Day
  10. [audio:|titles=Forever And A Day|artists=Mena Keys]
  11. Break It Down
  12. [audio:|titles=Break It Down|artists=Mena Keys]
  13. Come Into My Mind
  14. [audio:|titles=Come Into My Mind|artists=Mena Keys]
  15. Soul Searchin’
  16. [audio:|titles=Soul Searchin’|artists=Mena Keys]
  17. Earth Bound
  18. [audio:|titles=Earth Bound|artists=Mena Keys]
  19. Fire Beneath
  20. [audio:|titles=Fire Beneath|artists=Mena Keys]
  21. Ride The Wind
  22. [audio:|titles=Ride The Wind|artists=Mena Keys]
  23. Burning Up
  24. [audio:|titles=Burning Up|artists=Mena Keys]

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