Torrales, Burgos, Battle – Always

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23 May 2009

Bassclef A serious team of professionals gathered together and produced a serious piece of quality: Jose Burgos, Jerrell Battle and Hippie Torrales broke out with “Always” in April on Bassclef. This is the 9 tracks brilliant EP (actually album) featuring many talented people like Stephanie Cooke and The Dynasty Temple. Jose Burgos stands behind Soul Creation project and owns Bassclef label from 1997. Hippie Torrales was the resident DJ of Club Zanzibar back in 1979 (!) and responsible for many legendary productions and remixes including Rosie Gaines’ “Closer Than Close” in 1997. As you see the team is extremely strong so do the EP.

Hippie Torrales, Jose Burgos and Jerrell Battle – Always [Bassclef]:

Hippie Torrales, Jose Burgos and Jerrell Battle - Always [Bassclef]

  1. Bad All By Myself
  2. [audio:|titles=Bad All By Myself]
  3. Campesino Theme
  4. [audio:|titles=Campesino Theme]
  5. Always
  6. [audio:|titles=Always]
  7. Nicky’s Tune
  8. [audio:|titles=Nicky’s Tune]
  9. Smooth
  10. [audio:|titles=Smooth]
  11. Lost In Time
  12. [audio:|titles=Lost In Time]
  13. Love Me 4 Me
  14. [audio:|titles=Love Me 4 Me]
  15. Orange Blossom Trail
  16. [audio:|titles=Orange Blossom Trail]
  17. Samba Groove
  18. [audio:|titles=Samba Groove]

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