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12 June 2009

GoGo Music Having his new studio complete, Swiss young star Roberto De Carlo is finally back with new release “Never Forget” that is claimed to be the follow-up for his “Soulful Things” and “Magic Star” featuring wonderful vocals of Joshua. Well, the Original is really DeCarlo’ish representing the classic soulful sound that is so hard to find these days. Remixers list is quite impressive: Jay-J, Dalminjo and Ralf Gum, but as for me, their versions are not that enlightening as their names are. The release is scheduled to June 22nd on GoGo Music and is already on sale. BTW Rob is coming to Moscow again on June 27th, so if you’re here, come catch him live in “Bourjuasia” in the evening and in “The W Bar” in the night.

Roberto De Carlo ft. Joshua – Never Forget [GoGo]:

Roberto De Carlo ft. Joshua - Never Forget [GoGo]

  1. Never Forget (Classic Vocal Mix)
  2. [audio:|titles=Roberto De Carlo – Never Forget (Classic Vocal Mix)]
  3. Never Forget (Ralf GUM Dub)
  4. [audio:|titles=Roberto De Carlo – Never Forget (Ralf GUM Dub)]
  5. Never Forget (Ralf GUM Vocal)
  6. [audio:|titles=Roberto De Carlo – Never Forget (Ralf GUM Vocal)]
  7. Never Forget (Jay-J’s Shifted Up Mix)
  8. [audio:|titles=Roberto De Carlo – Never Forget (Jay-J’s Shifted Up Mix)]
  9. Never Forget (Dalminjo Vocal Remix)
  10. [audio:|titles=Roberto De Carlo – Never Forget (Dalminjo Vocal Remix)]

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  1. Roberto Soulful D.C. ROCKS!!!

  2. Roberto Soulful D.C. ROCKS!!!

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