Summer Fondue Sessions #93

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25 April 2010

Summer Fondue Sessions Another special episode of Summer Fondue Sessions this week brings you our guests, talented British duo: Camio’s very own Jonny Montana, and co-owner of Raunchy Rhythms Radio, Craig Stewart. Together, they make a beautiful chilled and extremely soulful house. So, right after Fresh Stuff feature and 30 minutes mix from DJ Soulmate, we’ll have the interview with the guests and an exclusive guest mix full of unreleased stuff.

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Summer Fondue Sessions #93 tracklist


  1. Groove Junkies ft. TC Moses – Far Away (Random Soul Organic Vox) [MoreHouse]
  2. Just4Funk ft. Orlando Johnson – State of Mind (Funk Mix) [Just4Funk]

  4. DJ Spen & Robert Owens – A Greater Love (DJ Meme Classic Mix) [MN2S]
  5. Jamie Lewis & Cynthia Manley – Give (Jamie Lewis Goes Disco Mix) [Purple Music]
  6. DJ Dealer & Lisa Millett – Speak To Me (Shane D Remix) [Look At You]
  7. Chuck Love ft. Colette – U R Everything (Main Mix) [Love Network]
  8. Soulmagic vs. Imagination – New Dimension (Jay J’s Shifted Up Mix) [Soulmagic]
  9. The interview with Jonny Montana and Craig Stewart, part 1

  11. Dolls Combers – Make It Happen (Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart Remix) [CD-R]
  12. Groove Junkies ft. TC Moses – Far Away (GJ’s Original Vox) [MoreHouse]
  13. Cool Million ft. Melisa Morgan – Sweet Baby (Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart Remix) [Cool Million]
  14. Terrence Parker ft. Coco Street – Beautiful Life (Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart Keystrumental) [Parker Music Works]
  15. Dennis Ferrer – Colors [Large]
  16. Nature Love – You Turn Me Around (Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart Remix) [Smooth Agent]
  17. DJ Le Roi & Ray Kones ft. Pierre Piccarde – Get Up (Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart Remix) [2Delicious]
  18. Hideo Kobayashi – Beautiful Moment (Original Floor Mix) [Apt. International]
  19. Jonny Montana ft. Stephanie Cooke – I Owe U (Alternative Original Mix) [Soul Heaven]
  20. Kim English – Supernatural (Jonny Montana Remix) [Nervous]
  21. The interview with Jonny Montana and Craig Stewart, part 2
  22. BTTR

  23. Ashford & Simpson – Bourgie Bourgie (Joe Claussell’s Classic Remix) [Rhino Records]

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