Summer Fondue Sessions #97

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20 June 2010

Summer Fondue Sessions In this week’s episode: a couple of very optimistic freshies from DJ Meme and Grant Nelson, a very smooth and gentle part from Soulmate and more uplifting one from Pasha Brisk. And FYI, due to upcoming Soulmate’s vacation in July, we’ll have full DJ Soulmate 98th radioshow on Jul 4th, and full Pasha Brisk 99th episode on Jul 18th. And we’ll be back in August with… wait for it… 100TH EPISODE!!!

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Summer Fondue Sessions #97 tracklist


  1. Steven Stone ft. Anthony Moriah – Lay Your Hands (DJ Meme 12″ Single Remix) [Soul Deluxe]
  2. Yolanda Wyns – I Know You, I Live You (Joey Negro Mix / Grant Nelson Re-Visit) [Z Records]

  4. Mettle Music Collective – Glider [Mettle Music]
  5. Martin Mamzer ft. Susanne Alt – When Love Comes (Justin Imperiale Mix) [Cabana]
  6. J.Axel ft. Astrid Suryanto – You Give Me (Love) [Statra]
  7. Vick Lavender ft. David Glen – Another Girl (Jose Carretas Full Master Vocal Mix) [Sophisticado]
  8. Black Coffee – Even Though [Real Tone]
  9. Suges & Martino pr. Eminence ft. Limore – Someone Else (Original Version) [Soulstream]
  10. D’Moov ft. Nicole Henry – For The Love Of You (Doruk Ozlen Main Vocal Mix) [Foliage]
  11. Luca Ricci ft. Monica Hernandez – Una Historia De Amor (Alankara & Jazzy D Deep Spirit Remix) [Aenaria Music]
  12. Ralf GUM ft. Kafele – Complicated (Ralf GUM Main Mix) [GoGo Music]

  14. Hi on Life ft. Joniece – Goodbye (DJ Tekin Mix) [Champion]
  15. Soul Cola – In Luv (Original Mix) [Dragonfruit]
  16. White Soul Project – Ever Love (Original Mix) [Duffnote]
  17. Fabio Tosti ft. Spencer Banks – The Level of Love (Party Mix Re-Edit) [Music Plan]
  18. Doobie J ft. Diana Waite – Release Yourself (Original Mix) [daddy funk]
  19. Franco De Mulero & Adam Moss ft. Latanza Waters – I’m Lost (Ibiza’s Original Classic Mix) [Purple Music]
  20. Stan Courtois ft. Marcya – Feel the Rhythm and Dance! (DJ Circle Disco Spirit Remix) [Tricircle]
  21. Craft B – Summer Voyage (Original Mix) [Amber Muse]
  22. Central Avenue ft. Laura Estrada – I’ll Be There (Dub Mix) [Barcoda]
  23. BTTR

  24. Eddie Kendricks – He’s A Friend [BBE]

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