Jihad Muhammad – No More War

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21 November 2008

Camio Originally on Jihad’s Movement Soul in 2006, “No More War” was a hot topic tune about today’s world by New-Jersey’s himself Jihad Muhammad featuring talented vocalist Chris Dockins. The Reprise from that package is still on of my favorites cuts to start from. Now UK based Camio Recordings did a great job remixing it with help of Man-X, Dolls Combers, Dom Navarra, Groove Assassin, Seedadiandeep and Deep Inc. – what a list! My favorites are of course Dolls Combers’, and GA edit giving small refreshment to the Original.

Jihad Muhammad feat. Chris Dockins – No More War (Remixes) [Camio]:

Jihad Muhammad feat. Chris Dockins - No More War (Remixes) [Camio]

  1. No More War (Man-X Remix)
  2. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/cam016-1p.mp3|titles=No More War (Man-X Remix)|artists=Jihad Muhammad]
  3. No More War (Dolls Combers Remix)
  4. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/cam016-2p.mp3|titles=No More War (Dolls Combers Remix)|artists=Jihad Muhammad]
  5. No More War (Seedadian Remix)
  6. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/cam016-3p.mp3|titles=No More War (Seedadian Remix)|artists=Jihad Muhammad]
  7. No More War (Jihad’s Original Mix)
  8. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/cam016-4p.mp3|titles=No More War (Jihad’s Original Mix)|artists=Jihad Muhammad]
  9. No More War (Groove Assassin Edit)
  10. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/cam016-5p.mp3|titles=No More War (Groove Assassin Edit)|artists=Jihad Muhammad]
  11. No More War (Dom Navarra Remix)
  12. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/cam016-6p.mp3|titles=No More War (Dom Navarra Remix)|artists=Jihad Muhammad]
  13. No More War (Deep Inc. Remix)
  14. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/cam016-7p.mp3|titles=No More War (Deep Inc. Remix)|artists=Jihad Muhammad]

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