Duffnote & One51 WMC ’09 Samplers

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24 March 2009

Duffnote Continuing WMC hype this year, we’ve got 2 samplers from Richard Earnshaw’s camp. First off, Duffnote WMC 2009 Sampler with 5 tracks gives us the taste of what’s coming soon from Duffy. New names and new soundings from label’s musicians Ayo “Ayce” Oyerinde and Ben Epstein; from Tony Vass known after remixing Orlando Vaughan’ Better Than Never; from Stereo Mutants returning back after debut on One51; from soulful White Soul Project and from Mr. Moon with sexycool Soulmate. :)

One51 WMC 2009 Sampler takes musically more varied approach and teases us with afro latin jazzy Havana from Ayce DJ & Karlito; with tight Flute Dub for Together As One from One51 themselves (at last, first single since 2005!); and a couple from Lefthander with garage Undertone remix and chilled broken Drifting Away.

Duffnote WMC 2009 Sampler:

Duffnote WMC 2009 Sampler

  1. B-Ayce ft. Stephanie – Hold On
  2. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/duff031-1p.mp3|titles=Hold On|artists=B-Ayce ft. Stephanie]
  3. Tony Vass – Fly Me Higher
  4. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/duff031-2p.mp3|titles=Fly Me Higher|artists=Tony Vass]
  5. Mr. Moon & Angel D ft. Michael Flaming – Soulmate
  6. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/duff031-3p.mp3|titles=Soulmate|artists=Mr. Moon & Angel D ft. Michael Flaming]
  7. Stereo Mutants ft. Neve – Turning Around
  8. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/duff031-4p.mp3|titles=Turning Around|artists=Stereo Mutants ft. Neve]
  9. White Soul Project – Give In
  10. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/duff031-5p.mp3|titles=Give In|artists=White Soul Project]

One51 WMC 2009 Sampler:

One51 WMC 2009 Sampler

  1. Ayce DJ & Karlito ft. Paul Lee – Havana (Ayce DJ’s Original Riomix)
  2. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/of012-1p.mp3|titles=Havana (Ayce DJ’s Original Riomix)|artists=Ayce DJ & Karlito ft. Paul Lee]
  3. One51 – Together As One (The Flute Dub)
  4. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/of012-2p.mp3|titles=Together As One (The Flute Dub)|artists=One51]
  5. Lefthander ft. Pouyah – Breaking New Ground (Undertone’s Rhythmic Vocal)
  6. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/of012-3p.mp3|titles=Breaking New Ground (Undertone’s Rhythmic Vocal)|artists=Lefthander ft. Pouyah]
  7. Lefthander – Drifing Away (Original Mix)
  8. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/of012-4p.mp3|titles=Drifing Away (Original Mix)|artists=Lefthander]

You can buy these from Traxsource.com here and here.

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