Tortured Soul – In Transit (Advance EP)

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19 April 2008

NY band Tortured Soul known for bringing gorgeous live house (well not only) music, after nearly a year in the studio are almost ready to present their new album, “In Transit“. The first taste of these recordings is being unleashed in the form of an EP featuring 3 songs off the album and a remix from Om Records’ Chuck Love. In Transit (Advance EP) will be released on April 22th at Coco Soul, which is NY based Coco Machete’s division for deep house and soul tracks. The promo is already available at and iTunes.

Tortured Soul

What we’ve got here are: old school touched “Your Dream Is My Dream”, happy funky “Special Lady” (that can do IT every night, eeeeeeaaah) and classical TS’ that-will-make-us-all-clap “Home To You” which is also remixed by Chuck Love (not much Chucky wickedness but still…). Guys from TS said they’re also gonna drop “Your Dream Is My Dream” as it’s own single on Coco Soul with a remix from Mr. Jon Cutler.

Tortured Soul – In Transit (Advance EP) [Coco Soul]:

Tortured Soul - In Transit (Advance EP) [Coco Soul]

  1. Your Dream Is My Dream
  2. Special Lady
  3. Home To You
  4. Home To You (Chuck Love Mix)

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