Fabio Tosti & Logicalgroove – Take Me Down

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3 May 2008

Already gained the support from many respected DJs around the world, this release is due on May 28th on Italian Music Plan Records, though promo is already available. Top Italian house producers teamed up for the huge “Take Me Down“, they are: Fabio Tosti and Pablo DJ (aka Logicalgroove) on production, Savio Vurchio on the vox and Pako Baldassarre on sax. Together or separately, they’ve been involved in many good recent productions.

With Savio’s husky voice, Old School Classic Mix reminds me of early Jamie Lewis’ rhythms, All Pako Sax Mix is a massive sax instrumental, and DJTunnel Mix goes a bit deeper. Nice one once again, Italy!

Fabio Tosti & Logicalgroove feat. Savio Vurchio – Take Me Down [Music Plan]:

Fabio Tosti & Logicalgroove feat. Savio Vurchio - Take Me Down [Music Plan]

  1. Fabio Tosti & Pablo DJ Old School Classic Mix
  2. Fabio Tosti & Pablo DJ Drum Club Mix
  3. Fabio Tosti & Pablo DJ All Pako Sax Mix
  4. Fabio Tosti & Pablo DJTunnel Mix

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