Alex Finkin & Reverend P – Lion In A Cage

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15 July 2008

First released by Animal House in June 2008, “Lion In A Cage” is now re-treated by no other than Distant Music’s Jon Cutler. Written by Alex Finkin and Reverend P, members of Animal House crew, track features the vocal of Jocelyn Mathieu (loving ’em all since the time of “Fight For Love”). These guys are hot: performing along with DJ sets (by Fudge and Reverend P) they add guitars, sax and vox making live versions of their works.

Original Animal’s mixes feel smooth and deep, now Jon Cutler’s version tightens things up for dancefloor adding more synths and steady groove. This package was released in July by New York based Funk La Planet that was founded back in 1996 and specializes in house and hip-hop – two big loves of the man of the label, Benjamin Defee.

Alex Finkin & Reverend P feat. Jocelyn Mathieu – Lion In A Cage [Funk La Planet / Animal House]:

Alex Finkin and Reverend P feat. Jocelyn Mathieu - Lion In A Cage

Check out this video featuring the track and some shootings from Djoon Paris (this is the place to be!):

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