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16 July 2008

Young NY/UK/South Africa label Asante Records run by Roots O’Batala (also the man behind wonderful Global Soul Radio) specializes in deep, soulful, jazz, experimental and spiritually enlightened house music and already delivered some great releases including Jihad Muhammad, Joi Cardwell and Yoshihisa H. Unfortunately releases are available on vinyl only. Anyhow the journey continues and we have two new goodies!

Numbered 4 on Asante, “Springtime In Paris” is written by NYC based Ian Friday of Tea Party Music and features Byron Moore (the vocalist of Ian’s “Life Starts Today”) on the vocals: massive percussion, latin feel and sweet grooves along with smooth vox – straight Tea Party style. Having a couple of Ian’s vinyl in my collection, it’s all started for me from his 2005 “The Island Life EP” on West End. As I remember first I’ve encountered the sounds of “Carib’s Leap” on a clip at YouTube, searched for the track name and immediately ordered a copy from Juno. Since then, every Ian’s work is a gem for me. So good job on this one, Asante, thanks!

Ian Friday feat. Byron Moore – Springtime In Paris [Asante Records]:

Ian Friday feat. Byron Moore - Springtime In Paris [Asante Records]

  1. Springtime In Paris (Tea Party Vocal Mix)
  2. Springtime In Paris (Tea Party Instrumental)

Another one from Asante is “Disconnected” with vocal of Karen Maria. For this house candy we’ve got Chicago producer on the rise Matt Hughes who collaborates with no other than Glenn Underground! Moreover, on the remix duty here is… maestro Louie Vega! “Spiritually enlightened” as we might expect, these are really dope addition to Asante’s catalogue.

Matt Hughes & Glenn Underground feat. Karen Maria – Disconnected [Asante Records]:

Matt Hughes & Glenn Underground feat. Karen Maria - Disconnected [Asante Records]

  1. Disconnected (Original Vocal Mix)
  2. Disconnected (Louie Vega Vocal Remix)

As a bonus, check this Ian Friday’s interview for Underground House Magazine:

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