Dolls Combers – Floating Vibes EP

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11 November 2008

Reelgroove Vincent Lacerenza and Manuele Tigani together known as Dolls Combers are based in Milan (Italy). Both are engaged in DJing since 1980s, both are into music production for some years, they met in 2004 sharing their love of house music, and debuted with “Globalizing” album in 2006 on Little Angel (and planning to bring the second one in 2009!). Personally I admire almost all their recent works. Released on October 9th on UK’s Reelgroove, their “Floating Vibes EP” is not an exception. Featuring “Dreaming Of You” with the sublime vocals of Nicole Dawn and “Back To Love” with the amazing vocal talent of Alec Sun Drae, this EP includes a couple of slightly downtempo instrumental cuts. Solid EP!

Dolls Combers – Floating Vibes EP [Reelgroove]:

Dolls Combers - Floating Vibes EP [Reelgroove]

  1. Dreaming Of You (feat. Dawn Nicole)
  2. [audio:|titles=Dreaming Of You (feat. Dawn Nicole)|artists=Dolls Combers]
  3. Back To Love (feat. Alec Sun Drae)
  4. [audio:|titles=Back To Love (feat. Alec Sun Drae)|artists=Dolls Combers]
  5. Summer Morning
  6. [audio:|titles=Summer Morning|artists=Dolls Combers]
  7. Jazzy Keys
  8. [audio:|titles=Jazzy Keys|artists=Dolls Combers]

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