Rasmus Faber – Everything Is Alright

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10 December 2008

Farplane In 2002-2005 Swedish producer, musician and DJ Rasmus Faber shined with a number of rare but wonderful productions like “Ever After”, “Never Felt So Fly”, “Divided / United”, “Get Over Here”, and was one of my favorite producers. Mastered piano in his early years, Rasmus started to produce in 2001, later was discovered by Defected’ Simon Dunmore and launched Farplane Rec. with his help. Now in his late 20s, Rasmus had remixed Dubtribe Sound System, Junior Jack, Miguel Migs, Axwell, Sandy Rivera, Reel People and more. With his unique DJing style playing live keys over his sets, he has a huge success in Asia, especially in Japan. Just watch some videos on YouTube.

Rasmus Faber

As Rasmus said, he’s tired of that soulful sounds, and is now exploring deeper and techy territories, though some echos of past time is here as well (remember his “Demanda” of 2007 and remix for Reel People’s “Alibi” in 2008). Released by Farplane in November on vinyl, and available digitally from December 8th, “Everything Is Alright” is the first single from his upcoming new album “Where We Belong” (scheduled for February 2009). Skipping harder remixes from RaFa himself, Lovebirds and Richard Earnshaw, only Original version is somehow appealing for me, with chilled pianos and strings and velvety vocals of Swedish singer Linda Sundblad.

Rasmus Faber feat. Linda Sundblad – Everything Is Alright [Farplane]:

Rasmus Faber feat. Linda Sundblad - Everything Is Alright [Farplane]

  1. Everything Is Alright (Original Mix)
  2. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/fp012d-1p.mp3|titles=Everything Is Alright (Original Mix)|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  3. Everything Is Alright (Original Extended Mix)
  4. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/fp012d-2p.mp3|titles=Everything Is Alright (Original Extended Mix)|artists=Rasmus Faber]
  5. Everything Is Alright (RaFa’s Chillax Mix)
  6. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/fp012d-3p.mp3|titles=Everything Is Alright (RaFa’s Chillax Mix)|artists=Rasmus Faber]

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