Tortured Soul – Home To You

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13 March 2009

TSTC Records Live house pioneers, Tortured Soul are expected to release their new album Did You Miss Me? very soon (March 24th actually) on their newly formed own TSTC Records. The first track from the title, “Home To You“, just formed the debut TSTC’s release consisting of two parts. The first one comes on March 17th and besides DJ-friendly Main Extended Mix drops band members’, JKriv and Ethan White, reinterpretations as well as Mr Quentin Harris fresh appearing as a remixer with his trademark US deep touch. The second part is scheduled to March 31st and packed up with mixes from Tom Moulton (not far from the original), Pirahnahead and UK broken master Domu.

Tortured Soul – Home To You (Part 1) [TSTC]:

Tortured Soul - Home To You (Part 1) [TSTC]

  1. Home To You (Main Mix Extended)
  2. [audio:|titles=Home To You (Main Mix Extended)|artists=Tortured Soul]
  3. Home To You (JKriv’s Club Mix)
  4. [audio:|titles=Home To You (JKriv’s Club Mix)|artists=Tortured Soul]
  5. Home To You (Quentin Harris Remix)
  6. [audio:|titles=Home To You (Quentin Harris Remix)|artists=Tortured Soul]
  7. Home To You (Ethan White Remix)
  8. [audio:|titles=Home To You (Ethan White Remix)|artists=Tortured Soul]

Tortured Soul – Home To You (Part 2) [TSTC]:

Tortured Soul - Home To You (Part 2) [TSTC]

  1. Home To You (Tom Moulton Mix)
  2. [audio:|titles=Home To You (Tom Moulton Mix)|artists=Tortured Soul]
  3. Home To You (Pirahnahead’s Inaugural Mix)
  4. [audio:|titles=Home To You (Pirahnahead’s Inaugural Mix)|artists=Tortured Soul]
  5. Home To You (Domu Remix)
  6. [audio:|titles=Home To You (Domu Remix)|artists=Tortured Soul]

You can buy these from part 1 and part 2.

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