Justin Imperiale – Movin On

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3 August 2009

Cabana New Jersey’s Justin Imperiale (see March 2008’s post about him) and his label Cabana were always a stronghold of “soulful deep minimal” :) for me. Looks like it is really hard to keep up with the same all the time. That’s why the new one, “Movin On” from Justin with sweet vocals by Davina Bussey was so impressive for me. Dreamy soulful beaut, with the remixes from Dom Navarra and Jonny Montana, names talk for themselves… Out on August 1st.

Justin Imperiale feat. Davina – Movin On [Cabana]:

Justin Imperiale feat. Davina - Movin On [Cabana]

  1. Movin On (Original Mix)
  2. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/cab0015-1p.mp3|titles=Justin Imperiale – Movin On (Original Mix)]
  3. Movin On (Dom Navarra Remix)
  4. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/cab0015-4p.mp3|titles=Justin Imperiale – Movin On (Dom Navarra Remix)]
  5. Movin On (Jonny Montana Remix)
  6. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/cab0015-5p.mp3|titles=Justin Imperiale – Movin On (Jonny Montana Remix)]
  7. Movin On (Organic Blu Sol Remix)
  8. [audio:http://preview.traxsource.com/files/previews/cab0015-6p.mp3|titles=Justin Imperiale – Movin On (Organic Blu Sol Remix)]

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