Venger Collective – 9 o’clock

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7 August 2009

SOUNDMEN On WAX Venger Collective is the Russian band created in 2006 by Alexander Lygin and Vladislav Vengerovsky. Now with 10 members, they play acidjazz, soulfunk, lounge, perform frequently and are always given a warm welcome by the audiences. Their single “9 o’clock” has been around for a while and even was struggling for Eurovision 2009.

Venger Collective

But with help of Dolls Combers it is now available on the international house scene. With their nice and smooth Soulful Mix, together with darker Souldynamic remix, plus Island Groove with trademark guitar trip as well as 130 bpm uplifting Original, the release is out on August 5th on SOUNDMEN On WAX! I’m very proud of guys, big up Venger Collective!

Venger Collective – 9 o’clock [SOUNDMEN On WAX]:

Venger Collective - 9 o'clock [SOUNDMEN On WAX]

  1. 9 o’clock (Dolls Combers Soulful Mix)
  2. [audio:–1p.mp3|titles=Venger Collective – 9 o’clock (Dolls Combers Soulful Mix)]
  3. 9 o’clock (Souldynamic Remix)
  4. [audio:–2p.mp3|titles=Venger Collective – 9 o’clock (Souldynamic Remix)]
  5. 9 o’clock (Island Groove Remix)
  6. [audio:–3p.mp3|titles=Venger Collective – 9 o’clock (Island Groove Remix)]
  7. 9 o’clock (Original Mix)
  8. [audio:–4p.mp3|titles=Venger Collective – 9 o’clock (Original Mix)]

And the video:

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