Is Soulful House Dying?

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27 December 2009

Is Soulful House Dying? US based house DJ Ricardo Torres recently posted a wonderful insightful article entitled “Is Soulful House Dying?“. With an accurate observations on soulful house scene and industry, this post caused a long discussion in comments (and on Facebook as well) where people from all over the world share the situations. I’d like to express my full consent on Ricardo’s vision and to invite every one and all to read that post. A bit of teasing quote:

The recent worldwide recession and financial crisis has left the music and clubbing business almost dead. […] we have less and less house nights which in turns means that (soulful) house DJs have less gigs (where they really make their money) so they start making other type of music (like freakin’ hard electro) so they can get gigs and so on, and so on. It’s like a domino effect. Is that how a scene dies? Or if you look at it in another way, is that how a scene is re-born?..

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