Bonus sonic treasures on SoundCloud

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25 February 2024

More music! My SoundCloud library has expanded beyond the Summer Fondue Sessions archive — I’ve uploaded a collection of my other mixes recorded in 2006-2011, organized into two playlists:

  1. House Haven: Soulmate’s House Journeys, with 20+ live sets and mixtapes, it’s a kaleidoscope of soulful house music in all its forms, from the soothing deep instrumentals to the energetic bangers.
  2. Beyond Beats: Soulmate’s Lounge Escapes, with a few of my non-house mixes, including a couple of live sets from private events — these resonate more with the mellow vibes of chillout, lounge, nu jazz, downtempo etc, and inspired by iconic compilations like Buddha Bar, Cafe Del Mar, and Hotel Costes.

I hope these soundscapes find a special place in your playlists, and hearts. 💗

P.S. These are not published into the podcast, and are only available on SoundCloud.

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