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ADE 2011, day three

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5 November 2011

Amsterdam Dance Event 2011 Cont’d (see also: first, second). Lastly, the third day (ok, night) at ADE 2011 I was fully committed to the Purple Music Night, though there also was Soul Heaven event featuring Kenny Dope and Joey Negro (whom we wouldn’t mind to listen to). Anyway, Amsterdam’s Supperclub hosts Jamie Lewis’ friends for a number of years, on Fridays. There was a queue at the entrance even on 11pm, with a familiar producers’ faces. The cause was probably the large guestlist (incl. our names), and it obviously took a time to look up a name. read more »

ADE 2011, day two

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1 November 2011

Amsterdam Dance Event 2011 Cont’d (day 1). On my second day of ADE 2011 I only attended Sensative Soul invites Duffnote pre-party in the same Blinq. I joined our Russian crew in a restaurant upstairs earlier in the evening, and met a company of Richard Earnshaw and Natasha Watts at one of the tables nearby. In a meantime Mike Scot was opening the event with his set where soulful tunes were fused with a little funkier-techier stuff. Crowd at the bar started to fill up the space, we met Italian mafia (Souldynamic and Steven Stone) and a number of local producers. Lewis Ferrer recognised me after two years and I got his Stimulated Music CD (strong start for a label btw, gotta keep an eye on this one). read more »

ADE 2011, day one

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30 October 2011

Amsterdam Dance Event 2011 This year I decided to attend Amsterdam Dance Event (it’s been two years since my first time) again. Here’s a few thoughts on ADE 2011. Many thanks to AirBaltic for affordable flights and to AirBNB for a cool apartment nearby Leidseplein (a true nightlife spot). Besides, we got a whole delegation from Russia, including guys from Soul Cola. The Festival Program was full of great events this year, and here’s some of them I had a chance to attend.

First night was kicked off with Seamless Recordings and Nightbird Music preparty in Blinq. Here I met Andy Lee (aka Central Avenue) and Dennis D-Reflection, got introduced to Graham Sahara and, shacken hands with guys from Souldynamics and Steven Stone, left with Dennis to illustrious Jimmy Woo to get some Djoon Experience. read more »