ADE 2011, day one

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30 October 2011

Amsterdam Dance Event 2011 This year I decided to attend Amsterdam Dance Event (it’s been two years since my first time) again. Here’s a few thoughts on ADE 2011. Many thanks to AirBaltic for affordable flights and to AirBNB for a cool apartment nearby Leidseplein (a true nightlife spot). Besides, we got a whole delegation from Russia, including guys from Soul Cola. The Festival Program was full of great events this year, and here’s some of them I had a chance to attend.

First night was kicked off with Seamless Recordings and Nightbird Music preparty in Blinq. Here I met Andy Lee (aka Central Avenue) and Dennis D-Reflection, got introduced to Graham Sahara and, shacken hands with guys from Souldynamics and Steven Stone, left with Dennis to illustrious Jimmy Woo to get some Djoon Experience.

Djoon Experience @ Jimmy Woo (ADE 2011) Preparty upstairs was infused with good old disco funky tunes, where people went crazy with original “Everyman” by Double Exposure. After midnight the main floor was opened downstairs, and immediately filled with international crowd. Lined-up french mafia represented by Rocco, Manoo and others, along with acclaimed Black Coffee ruled the night, playing afrodeep stuff, sometimes going too deepsh%t. ;) Though, the start was extremely awesome with Leroy Styles playing some hotttt RnB remixes (expect small video soon). As Denis Reflection commented, african influence, artists and vocalists are definitely the trend in house music of recent months.
Check out the full gallery from this event at Betribes.

To be cont.

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