ADE 2011, day two

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1 November 2011

Amsterdam Dance Event 2011 Cont’d (day 1). On my second day of ADE 2011 I only attended Sensative Soul invites Duffnote pre-party in the same Blinq. I joined our Russian crew in a restaurant upstairs earlier in the evening, and met a company of Richard Earnshaw and Natasha Watts at one of the tables nearby. In a meantime Mike Scot was opening the event with his set where soulful tunes were fused with a little funkier-techier stuff. Crowd at the bar started to fill up the space, we met Italian mafia (Souldynamic and Steven Stone) and a number of local producers. Lewis Ferrer recognised me after two years and I got his Stimulated Music CD (strong start for a label btw, gotta keep an eye on this one).

Sensative Soul invites Duffnote (ADE 2011) One of the tracks from this CD opened Richard Earnshaw’s dj set: it was “Hard To Get” by D-Reflection ft. Irma van Pamelen (coming very soon on Stimulated Music). Unfortunately Dennis D-Reflection himself missed that moment of glory while commuting from his pre-party at the other side of Amsterdam (though he was obviously excited the day earlier telling me that Earnie did a remix for him).

Then we re-virtualized with another local producer Dave Mayer, he appeared to be a very nice guy, and told me he’s gotta move to Dubai after his gfriend (nice one, already found a residency there). Always-optimistic, Natasha Watts did a live PA with Earnshaw performing a couple of tracks including new one they produced with Richard (catch it on my vid in the next post). People were still coming in. Сheery Niels Dutchican Soul appeared (commenting our meeting as “We’re seeing each other like everywhere!.. New York, Amsterdam!“), followed by Jamie Lewis himself accompanied by Alfred Azzetto and mafia others. As you might know, Jamie changed his haircut this year and his headphones – no more purple ones, it’s now… a classic phone receiver, check that out (absolutely sick!!!):

Jamie Lewis @ Blinq (ADE 2011)

JL played off the USB sticks btw. I noticed every ADE venue has top Pioneer setup (CDJ-2000s) and djs play off CDs or USBs. Well, Purple Music honcho played more spicy set featuring a wicked remix for Prince’ “Sexy M.F.” (!) – probably his own bootleg?

DeepHeat (ADE 2011) Pre-party came to its end closer to 11pm. Some resident dj changed Jamie Lewis and immediately put some freakking electro sh%t on, soulful people went WTF and started to dress up and leaving for the next event. Namely next door, Little Buddha was hosting Deepheat night lined-up with Chus & Penn, Copyright, Born To Funk, Defected’s Simon Dunmore and of course Hardsoul with sexy Candy Dulfer on the sax live. I missed this one, been there two years ago, so decided to save myself for the next night…

Check also out this MN2S aftermovie featuring Quentin Harris, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles and others. Looks like american djs prefer laptop based setups:

To be cont’d.

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