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Asha Edmund – Carry Me Over

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8 April 2009

Gotta Keep Faith Singapore’s award-winning “contemporary hero” and “vocal chameleon” Asha Edmund has Radio Music Award, Compass Award, performed at Singapore’s National Day, in RENT musical and Liverpool anthem a-cappella to a 55000 crowd at the National Stadium. She signs pop, jazz, broadway, show tunes, but now she’s more into electronic soul thing. On April 6th Asha appeared in italian Gotta Keep Faith catalogue with “Carry Me Over“. read more »

Daishi Dance Remix

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6 February 2009

Daishi Dance The resident of Sapporo’s Precious Hall club, with more than 10 years of experience Japanese DJ and producer Daishi Dance passionately plays every kind of house music from deep to peaktime, tours all over Japan, hosts the radioshow etc. As a producer, his debute Let Life Loose EP was out in 2006 followed by full length album The P.I.A.N.O. Set. read more »

Oriental Funk Stew – The Housekeeper Remixed

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5 February 2009

Amenti Music A pioneer and living legend of electronic scene in Korea and now worldly recognized artist Oriental Funk Stew started in early 1990s while studying in New York. Being known as DJ Decode at that times, his passion for house music led him to the first EP released by Odds And Ends in 2004, when he changed the name. Soon another two EPs were signed to San Francisco based Amenti Music owned by Olivier Desmet who recognized OFS’s producing talents. read more »