ADE 2011, day three

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5 November 2011

Amsterdam Dance Event 2011 Cont’d (see also: first, second). Lastly, the third day (ok, night) at ADE 2011 I was fully committed to the Purple Music Night, though there also was Soul Heaven event featuring Kenny Dope and Joey Negro (whom we wouldn’t mind to listen to). Anyway, Amsterdam’s Supperclub hosts Jamie Lewis’ friends for a number of years, on Fridays. There was a queue at the entrance even on 11pm, with a familiar producers’ faces. The cause was probably the large guestlist (incl. our names), and it obviously took a time to look up a name.

Purple Music Night at Supperclub (ADE 2011) Purple Music Night occupies both Supperclub floors, but main one opens at midnight. So lower bar floor was pretty packed and filled with sounds from Souldynamic guys who love to mix in some disco flavors. Squeezing through crowd, Morten Trust and Mikkel Wendelboe were spotted – we were dancing on the same floors two years ago, but this time they were in a line-up. Then we met with Seb Skalski who did really great this year and became an official Purple Music artist – he was going upstairs to open the main dancefloor. Downstairs, Richard Earnshaw took the decks and dropped it quite hard, people moved upstairs where Skalski played Purple-style. Then Jamie Lewis with his receiver replaced Seb, and immediately pulled out Natasha Watts to perform a number of her tracks, including “I Believe” by MuSol & Central Ave. Natasha was as always good working with crowd.

We went down to check Soulmagic zone and stayed there: lower floor is usually more comfy, spacious, friendly and the bar is easy of access. Besides, the industry guys usually gathers here to support playing ones. Alfred Azzetto, Walterino and Dario D’Attis were also in the line-up for main floor (DJ Meme, originally in the program, later cancelled his ADE tour), but Morten and Mikkel left no chance to went back upstairs. Soulmagic’ set was full of exclusives and mash’es, highlighted among those was the “triple” mash feat. famous Renegade Master part!

It was nice to see soulful producers jumping around. Pasha NoFrost has even spotted slightly tight Dave Doyle, and we went to hobnob with him too. Meanwhile the crowd started to grow, the area was apparently a great alternative to the mainfloor that we havent checked until the last guntrack was fired by Soulmagic duo.

So… ADE 2011 was good. I met old friends and made lots of new acquaintance. I’m glad I had so many chances to introduce Soul Cola guys and they gave all their promo CDs out. This time I dont have pictures of myself with soulful masters, but I did a few video shots, here they are in a small ADE movie:

Check out the first minute with Leroy Styles playing at “The Djoon Experience”: originally R. Kelly’s “Number One” and Jodeci’s “Freek ‘N You”, but what a mixes!!! Any idea of the remixes?! Gotta have it!

On Saturday 22nd, when we were back home, another awesome event took place at ADE that is really a pity to miss out: “Let The Singer Be Heard” with DJ Spen, Phil Asher, Atjazz, Ezel featuring live PAs of Dawn Tallman, Barbara Tucker, Marc Evans and Robin S! OMG, that was our f%ckup to miss it.

See you at… WMC 2012? SunceBeat 3? ADE 12?

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