DJ Soulmate Live @ private party

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6 March 2010

Summer Fondue Podcast This weekend, right between two episodes of Summer Fondue radioshow, a big bonus for podcast subscribers has arrived. This is my 5 hours (sic!) mixtape recorded live on a private party in Moscow on February 27th 2010. Featuring mainly soulful house it also contains some ‘dancing parts for adults’. I’m putting it as is and hope you’ll enjoy realizing it’s Live, led by party and people atmosphere. I’d also like to thank the client for inviting me and letting to share this with the world.

[audio:|titles=DJ Soulmate live @ private party 27 feb 2010]

»»» Download DJ Soulmate live set 27feb10

(04:59:33 hh:mm:ss, mp3 192kbps, ~411Mb)

Comments (5) for "DJ Soulmate Live @ private party"

  1. rothomaz

    Artem, nice selection man! Could you give us the tracklist?
    Cheers from brazil!

  2. Whadap man, thanks for commenting back. But there's no tracklist sorry. It's live, I didn't care about compiling tracklist. But you can give me time stamp (HH:MM:SS) and I'll try to shoot you with track IDs..

  3. HI Artem, this mix is absolute the best what I heard this year. I would like that it was my private party. Anyway keep on mixing good vocal house music. If I can I would like ask you about name of one song. That song is started at 3:35:30 and the woman is singing: I wanna stay with you for the rest of my live. This is great songs. So please.

  4. Hey miket, thanks for commenting back!

    That song is 1977's. Track's called “I Want To Stay With You” (you were right) by Carol Douglas.

  5. Thanks man. Just wonderful.