Summer Fondue Sessions #158

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21 October 2012

Summer Fondue Sessions While some decent number of soulful house heads (including yours truly) are in Amsterdam shaking the booty (watch out Facebook for all pics/vid extravaganza!), here comes the fresh 158th Summer Fondue mixed carefully by DJ Soulmate. Features a number of great new stuff incl. new tracks from Stimulated Soul, Just4Funk and Solitone Music, a track from the new gorgeous album of Ralf Gum. Also in the mix, the new soulful track from Roberto De Carlo who’s just relaunched his website with the brand new personal online store: he’s gonna sell his music exclusively there. Last but not least, a Russian pop track but with Pasha NoFrost’ fonkey treatment.

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Summer Fondue Sessions #158 track list


  1. Rancido ft. Lex Empress – Brighter Days (Deep Journey Main Mix) [Offering]
  2. Suges & Deon Nathan – Midnight Woman [Soulstream]
  3. Sugar House – Hotel Piano (Original Mix) [Grooveland]
  4. Raffa Scoccia ft. Millio – Take It To The Top (Deep Mix) [Ristretto]
  5. Masterman – Truth (Groove Assassin Remix) [Soulfulbeats]
  6. Ralf Gum ft. Jocelyn Mathieu – Everything [GoGo Music]
  7. DiscoRocks ft. Naika – Sure Know Something (Rafael Yapudjian Vocal Mix) [Heavenly Bodies]
  8. New Believers ft. Merel Sluman – Be Back Tonight (Drexmeister Rework) [Solitone Music]
  9. Mr. Moon & Lubo Kirov – I Can’t Get Over (Lewis Ferrier Remix) [Stimulated Soul]
  10. Thomas De Lorenzo ft. Chappell – The Sweetest Thing (Drexmeister Refunk Vocal Mix) [SOUNDMEN On WAX]
  11. Ziggy Funk ft. She Adores – Your Lovin’ (Mark Grant’s Blackstone Mix) [Limestone]
  12. Steven Stone & Marc Evans – Who’s To Blame (Original Mix) [Soul Deluxe]
  13. Husky & Meital De Razon – Make It Fly (Original Vocal) [Universe Media]
  14. Andrea Carissimi Soul Project – A Good Thing (Andrea Carissimi Mix) [Just4Funk]
  15. Feet – Nightlife (Dutchican Soul Remix) [RaFa Music]
  16. Roberto De Carlo ft. Dyanna Fearon – Searching (Roberto De Carlo Original) [RDC Digital]
  17. Richard Earnshaw ft. Jocelyn Brown – Worthy (Pumped Up Original) [Groovefinder]
  18. The Soul Creative ft. Deborah Robinson – I Came To Dance All Night (Full Vocal Mix) [New Generation Records]
  19. Mr.Patron – Mr.Patron vs. Canned Heat (Single) [Tequila Trax]
  20. Ivan Dorn – Bigudi (Pasha NoFrost & DJ AG Jackin Haircut) [CD-R]

  22. Carol Douglas – Night Fever [Midsong International Records, 1978]

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