Summer Fondue Sessions #166

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10 February 2013

Summer Fondue Sessions DJ Soulmate goes so oldschool this week mixing the good old tunes from back to the beginning of 2000’s. Sounds a bit all sugar and honey nowadays, but those were the years of true soulful house. I love it, enjoy listening and could play forever! Join me for two hours of classic soulful.

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Summer Fondue Sessions #166 track list


  1. Peven Everett – Black Boy (Diephuis Soul Remix) [UDM Show Records]
  2. UPZ – Ti Moune (Original Mix) [Bubble Soul]
  3. Soulstars – Thank You (Vocal Club Mix) [Soundstate]
  4. FEET & Leo Cuenca ft. Sophie Delila & Yaite – Something Going On (Vocal Mix) [Feet Prod.]
  5. Toni Sea & Ralf GUM – Beautiful (Roberto De Carlo Funky 79 Mix) [GoGo]
  6. The Shadow Kings ft. David Walker – Soul Music (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Remixl) [UNDO]
  7. The Reese Project ft. Paul Randolph – This Means That (Bobby & Steve Urban Groove Full Vocal) [suSU]
  8. Joey Musaphia ft. Lisa Millett – You Are The Best (M.o.D. Vocal Master Mix) [Refunkt]
  9. Holmes Ives ft. Avalon Frost – 8 Letters (Richard Earshaw Remix) [Shinichi]
  10. Johann “Yogi” Willenberg – You Got Me (Vincent Kwok Mix) [Transport]
  11. Ramus Faber pres. Apollo vs. Melo – Divided / United (Remix) [Farplane]
  12. Stephanie Cooke – Alright (Sir Piers Curious Vocal) [King Street]
  13. Amel Larrieux – 4 Real (Audiowhores Remix) [CD-R]
  14. Artful Dodger ft. Lifford – Please Don’t Turn Me On (Soulful House Remix) [CD-R]
  15. Fusion Groove Orchestra – The Dream (Original Disco Mix) [Curious]
  16. John Lucas ft. Tylene – Join Me (John Lucas Original Vox) [Purple Music]
  17. Deep Josh ft. Camilo Franco – A Journey into Our Soul (MoD Vocal Mix) [AppleFunk]
  18. Soul Of Switzerland – Home Away From Home (Jamie Lewis Allstar Vocal Mix) [Purple Music]
  19. Jon Cutler ft. Pete Simpson – Running (Copyright Remix) [MN2S]
  20. M-Swift ft. Vanessa Haynes – Kosmic Love (12″ Version) [Irma Japan]
  21. Soularis – Back Together (Original) [SunSoaked]

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