Summer Fondue Sessions #167

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24 February 2013

Summer Fondue Sessions Pasha Brisk is on duty this week delivering 167th episode. Join in for yet another journey into deep and soulful sides of house music.

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Summer Fondue Sessions #167 track list


  1. Viwe The-Don, DJ Ladi – Thoughts Of Perfection (Cherry Groove Main Mix) [House Afrika]
  2. Twelve90 – Vibes and Guitar [Soul Candi Records]
  3. Andy Compton ft. Ladybird – Missing You (Sax Jam) [Peng]
  4. Thulane Da Producer – Remember Me (Original Mix) [Deep Resolute]
  5. Ladi Adiosoul & N Paul – Soul 2 Soul (Original Mix) [Deep Resolute]
  6. Deep Elementz – A Jedi Knight’s Groove (Original Mix) [Cyberjamz]
  7. Molasses Khay – Hope (Mo’s Original Grace Mix) [Mac Da Knife Digital]
  8. Brent Laurence – Your Eyes (MN2S Classic Mix) [MN2S]
  9. Doug Gray & GTO – Why Does Love (Magnus Wedberg Remix) [Soulstar]
  10. Miguel Migs – Take Me To Paradise (Mig’s Deluxe Pusher Vocal) [Naked Music]
  11. Soularis – Change The World (Original Mix) [SunSoaked]
  12. Benham & Brown – Dangerous Girl (Original Mix) [Rejoice Records]
  13. Yuriy Poleg ft. Peyton – Haven’t I (riCkY inCh Vocal Mix) [Dublife]
  14. Bryan Washington & Gordy Love – Reach Me (Original Mix) [Sound of Music Records]
  15. Martin Ikin ft. Bryan Chambers – Good 2 U (M’s Vocal Mix) [Soul Purpose]
  16. Hood Natives ft. Bophelo – Live Your Life (Greg Gauthier Remix) [FOMP]
  17. Cooly’s Hotbox – Friend Of Mine (Rob Hayes Club Edit) [Soulphusion Records]
  18. Steven Stone & Simon Green – You Changed My Mind (Original) [Soul Deluxe]
  19. Dolls Combers pres. Venger Collective – I Want To Live (Kolya Smart Soulful Remix) [Dolls Combers Records]
  20. Chesus – Special [Local Talk]

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