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Mzee – Mahuwelele

Categories: Releases
17 April 2009

Ocha Oh yeah, some time we look into deeper shades of house… I mean those Yoruba Soul, Nomumbah, Abicah Soul etc. names. So, Osunlade’s and Carlos Mena‘s brainchild Ocha Records on April 7th presented a brand new EP from South African producer Mzilikazi wa Afrika aka Mzee. read more »

Jephte Guillaume & Rufuss – Jou Sa

Categories: Releases
11 August 2008

Qalomota is a small indie label from France created in 1998 by by producer Thierry Colau and DJ Chris Thomas. Artist roster now also includes Rufuss, Joyful Noise and 72nd deepstrict (which is the whole Qalomota crew). “Jou Sa” is a new Qalomota release that was out on July 29th. read more »

Anane – Bem Ma Mi

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26 July 2008

Chosen by Billboard Magazine as one of the “2008 Faces to Watch”, Anane was born in Cape Verde, on the Western coast of Africa and soaked up the culture of African, Portuguese, Mediterranean, and Latin American customs and traditions. Anane’s vocal talents were raised from family’s traditions of gathering and playing music and singing together. Moved to Ney York with music in the head, she met Louie Vega who was so impressed to include her into Elements Of Life collective. read more »