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21 February 2008

I’m sorry to be a little out of date and not keeping regular postings. Been busy with loads of parties last time, and we had Dennis Ferrer live at Propaganda club last weekend, – that was freaky awesome! I even did some shootings, so expect video to be uploaded to YouTube in the nearest future. Okay, back to the music now.

Straight from Canada comes deep afrolatin soulful house. “Deep Key Soul Project” by Marcelo Cruz & Joe Rizla was released at Marcelo’s own Deepnsound label on February 23th. Both Marcelo and Joe are from Canada, both been DJing for many years, both sharing the passion for soulful deep sounds of underground house music.

Marcelo Cruz Marcelo Cruz was a known DJ around Montreal playing the underground clubs with his chill out style of house. After coming up with his own production, in 2002 he started his Deepnsound Recordings. Deep is for deep house music, Sound is for the sound of the underground. Having his roots in Latin culture, Marcelo’s tracks feature the drums, the percussion, the chants and the heart felt base lines you’d think you’ve gone on an adventure through the jungle.

Joe Rizla At the age of 13 Joe Rizla was exposed to house music for the first time and fell in love with these sounds. He has played at many establishment and clubs, numerous special event parties, played along with some of house music heroes and was responsible for well-known nights like Re-Birth or Phat Black Pusskat (together with Junior Palmer – that’s by the way where Canadian Home Recordings started). With many years under his belt as a DJ/Music Programmer, Joe Rizla has been working in his recording studio releasing the works under his digital label BlackKeysMusic.

Deep Key Soul Project” is a great example of collaboration of this two fellas bringing real deep afrolatin chill soulful cuts: deep bass, blooming percussion, and silky keys.

Marcelo Cruz & Joe Rizla – Deep Key Soul Project [Deepnsound]:

Marcelo Cruz & Joe Rizla - Deep Key Soul Project [Deepnsound]

The same words can describe their joint “Afrolatin Soul Album” coming out later, on February 6th. Smooth afro feelings, pads, keys and sax, magnificent percussion – all things deep afrolatin soulful house.

Marcelo Cruz & Joe Rizla – Afrolatin Soul Album [Deepnsound]:

Marcelo Cruz & Joe Rizla - Afrolatin Soul Album

  1. Marcelo Cruz – Wahrani Soul
  2. Marcelo Cruz – Espiritu
  3. Joe Rizla – Fresh
  4. Joe Rizla – High Life
  5. Joe Rizla – Latin Soul
  6. Joe Rizla – Red, Gold, Green
  7. Marcelo Cruz – Sol Del Sur
  8. Marcelo Cruz – Voices Of Africa
  9. Marcelo Cruz – Rituals
  10. Marcelo Cruz – Jaleo

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